Theatre Games

This is a crash course in improvisation and team competition games that also arms upper primary and lower secondary students with problem solving and social skills crucial to their development. Shy students will feel safe to step up into the spotlight, and bolder students love the competition challenges and become team leaders. Many of the games are narrative, and so help build storytelling skills and vocabularies.


Sessions 2&3 – Learning the Games
Students learn four Theatre Games (2 Narrative, 2 Competition), and how to play to the boundaries of time and the rules. The class group is arranged into teams, making sure there is a fair distribution of skill types and strengths in each.

Sessions 4&5 – Rehearsal & Performance
The last session is all about rehearsing the games learnt for performance. The presenter will allot each small group quality time to help them prepare team chants and processions.

Information for parents

      • Available to Primary Years 3-6 & Secondary Years 7-10
      • Over 5 consecutive days – 9am-5pm
      • 30 student maximum per course / session

      Cost per student: $280



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“The Five-Day Play was the best fun Liesl has had in the school holidays for a long time! She thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the build up to performance on the final day (which the parents enjoyed as much as the kids). It really was wonderful to see them in action.” Liesl’s Mum - Lynda Jupp, October 2013

'The larger Kids Theatre providers don't produce programs as fun as these, or performances as good as these! Red Roar is is REAL value for money!' Maddie's Mum, Kerrie Cant, February 2014

"Thank you again for giving the kids the space to play, learn and grow. We can't wait for the next one!" Georgia Bartley, April 2014

“… The passion they have for what they do, and their attention to detail, make them a fabulous asset to any school.” Abbey Proud – Principal, Newtown Public School

“ … perfectly pitched and presented … The students were being inspired… These programs gave them maximum enjoyment, more confidence, and a fuller sense of belonging.” Anna Carmody – The Song Room