The Mystery of The Kung Fu Crown & The Rainbow Jaguars’ Dream

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April 19, 2014 by

Our Four-Day Play in Newtown has just wrapped up, with a fantastic bunch of 5-12 year olds having brainstormed, written, rehearsed and performed two all original plays! The first (by the 5-7 year olds) was called The Mystery of the Kung Fu Crown, and it involved a heist, paranormal activity, a police chase, and the appearance of The Purple People Eater! The second (by the 8-12 year olds) was The Rainbow Jaguars’ Dream in which Crystal the Good Witch and her trusty sidekick The Two-Faced Cop must track down the Dark Sorceress so they might rescue the stolen Rainbow Jaguar who holds the key to Peace and Happiness in the Universe!

As we do with all our School Holiday Programs, we find ourselves delighted with the range of off-the-wall ideas our young people put forward, and then the way they negotiate with each other to help build disparate thoughts and images into one coherent – if slightly crazy – story. A great big thanks as always to my beautiful mum Lorraine who is always there helping the kids to make costumes and backdrops and paintings and props. And a big thanks to Tash Beaumont too who dropped in to see how we do what we do. Her spontaneous vocal workshop with the kids got them feeling much more confident! Tash, they loved you, and we all hope you’ll work with us next holidays!

The feedback we’re getting from parents just seems to get bigger and better each holidays. We’re chuffed to hear it when those who have tried holiday workshops from the larger providers in Sydney say they’ll definitely choose to come to us again because of how we truly listen to and value the ideas of the kids. We know how empowering it is. They own the week! Although the numbers are growing all the time, we will never lose our one-to-one attention on the students either, which is why we’re beginning to bring new teachers in!

We are already taking expressions of interest for our next School Holiday Program, so get in touch: … or call Gavin Vance … 0467 375 368 .


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“The Five-Day Play was the best fun Liesl has had in the school holidays for a long time! She thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the build up to performance on the final day (which the parents enjoyed as much as the kids). It really was wonderful to see them in action.” Liesl’s Mum - Lynda Jupp, October 2013

'The larger Kids Theatre providers don't produce programs as fun as these, or performances as good as these! Red Roar is is REAL value for money!' Maddie's Mum, Kerrie Cant, February 2014

"Thank you again for giving the kids the space to play, learn and grow. We can't wait for the next one!" Georgia Bartley, April 2014

“… The passion they have for what they do, and their attention to detail, make them a fabulous asset to any school.” Abbey Proud – Principal, Newtown Public School

“ … perfectly pitched and presented … The students were being inspired… These programs gave them maximum enjoyment, more confidence, and a fuller sense of belonging.” Anna Carmody – The Song Room